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SmartPX Graphics Controller

Dynamic multi-layer graphics for professional quality live video production and streaming.

SPX-GC (or "GC" for short) is a graphics controller for professional live television broadcasts and web streams using HTML graphics on CasparCG and/or streaming software such as OBS, Wirecast, XSplit or vMix.

  • Lower thirds, logos, bumpers, tickers, titles, lyrics, scripture, countdowns...
  • Linked layers can effect other's positioning on-screen
  • External data sources (such as spreadsheets, social reactions, feeds, etc)
  • Unlimited projects, templates and rundows
  • Utilize existing HTML templates
  • On-premise installation Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Cloud instances for remote workflows
  • Operator friendly user interface
GC comes with production ready example templates with customizeable colors and fonts.

SPX-GC is free, open source software.

Youtube videos:

· 05:03 SPX-GC: Overview and installation
· 05:03 SPX-GC: Using existing HTML Templates
· 04:05 SPX-GC: Customize default template pack
· 03:38 SPX-GC: Configure template paths for CasparCG
Download SPX-GC - it's free
GC is an open source project and is free to use.
Windows 29.1 Mb
MacOS 29.9 Mb
Linux 32.4 Mb
Sourcecode Github repository may contain features not yet available in binary packages.  

Download the zip, extract to a new folder (for instance /smartpx/gc/v1_0_0/). Execute the spx-gc program in the folder. (It is possible you need to make the app executable on Mac and Linux with chmod +x command.) Open browser in localhost:5000. For more info, please refer to
SPX-GC LIVE Cloud Demo
SPX-GC Cloud demo instance has some differences to a local version:

  • Changes made within demo are reverted couple of times a day automatically
  • Open folder -commands do not work (no file system access)
  • You cannot modify or add HTML templates (no file system access)
  • You cannot modify custom command functions (no file system access)
  • To test CasparCG playout, your CasparCG server must have a public IP-address, so the cloud based app can access it. Also you need to unzip to your CasparCG's templates/smartpx -subfolder.
  • FAQ
    Pricing and business model?
    GC is open source software and is free to use. The business model with GC is in creative services and support. So after testing the system if you would like to integrate GC with your other production systems and devices or would like to implement custom graphics package and branding get in touch.

    Who is it for?
    GC might be a good solution also for a single streamer, but is mainly aimed at professional production teams, such as OB trucks, control rooms and for publishers or organizations who are constantly producing live broadcasts and streams or other web based live events or television broadcasts. SDI and NDI video can be produced with SPX-GC by using CasparCG as a playout server.

    How do I use GC with my streaming software?
    Most streaming software (OBS, Wirecast, vMix, XSplit) supports a browser as a source. Once installed, GC provides a URL address, which will be used as a transparent, fullscreen source ontop a video and GC can then control multiple graphics layers on that overlay window in real time for full framerate and full quality, animated and dynamic graphics such as tickers, lower thirds, lyrics and titles.

    How can I submit my feature request / bug?
    Please do so! For us the most convenient way would be the feedback form, but email and chat also works for now.

    Why this ugly page?
    The application was launch in early September and we haven't had the time to do marketing material. The website is in the works and it will replace this page.

    More info?
    There are installation instructions, source code and other information available on Github.
    Roadmap and future features
    SPX-GC is in active development and there are several new features on the roadmap for next releases. See Github page for updated list.

    Some highlights:

  • Marketplace for templates and extensions
  • Automated rundows (autoplay with loops, TTL and "goto" -directives)
  • Item grouping in rundows
  • Rundown controller UI for mobile devices
  • Additional preview modes
  • Improved item management (duplicate, rename)
  • Additional integrations

  • To submit comments or feature requests, please use the feedback form.
    SPX-GC Creative Services
  • Pixel perfect GC templates with your brand identity and look&feel
  • Advanced template features (data feeds, social media, elections, tickers, etc)
  • Tailor-made graphics workflows
  • System integration
  • GC as SaaS solution for remote work
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    Comments and questions
    You can also provide feedback via this form.

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